Event Itineraries



2017 Future Pro 5.0 Sport Clips Combine

Big Man Showdown & Youth/Middle School Skills Camp


Tour Dates:

February 18th Washington HS Glendale, Az

February 25th Red Mountain HS Mesa, Az

March 4th Copper Canyon HS Glendale, Az

April 1st Marcos De Niza HS Tempe, Az

April 8th Sunnyside HS Tucson, Az

April 22nd Camelback HS Phoenix, Az


Youth/Middle School (1st-6th)

8:00-9:00am Sponsor/ Vendor Check-In and Set Up

9:00-9:30am  Registration Check-In / Waiver Verification & Walk Up Registration

Grades 1st-6th~Youth Skills Camp from 9:30am-11:30pm With Lunch Intermission

9:30-9:45am Introductions to Athletes

9:45-9:55am Redline Athletics Dynamic Stretch & Warm Up

9:55-10:00am Gatorade Hydration Station

10:0-10:50am Youth/Middle School Circuit Rotation Speed & Agility Drills

10:50-11:05am Lunch Intermission

11:05-11:30am LA Fitness Football Competition


High School/ Middle School (7th-12th)

10:30-11:00am Registration Check-In / Waiver Verification & Walk Up Registration Grades 7th-12th

11:00-11:30am Official Measurements: Height, Weight, Arm Span Measurements, Media Profile, Interview Headshots

11:30-11:45am        Introduction of Sponsors and Coaches to Athletes

11:45-12:00pm Redline Athletics Dynamic Stretch & Warm Up

12:00-12:05pn Gatorade Hydration Station

12:05-1:15pm OfficialCombineTestingbyRedlineAthletics

1:15-1:20pm Gatorade Hydration Station/ Lunch Intermission

1:20-1:45pm Position Break down (Offensive & Defensive Indy Period)

1:45-1:50pm Gatorade Hydration Station

1:50-2:15pm Routes on Air (Offense) Speed Turn & Hip Rotation Drill (Defense)

2:15-2:20pm Gatorade Hydration Station

2:20-2:40pm WR. Vs. DB 1 on 1 Sport Clips

RB vs. LB Alley Drill

2:45-2:50pm Gatorade Hydration Station

2:50-3:30pm Competition Period

RB vs. LB Pass Protection Challenge & LA Fitness BIG MAN SHOWDOWN

3:30-3:45pm Team Meeting (Center Field All grades) Presentation: Photo’s/ Recognize Top Athlete Award, Cutters Best Hands Award


3:45pm CLOSE

4:00-4:45pm          Coach’s Meeting @ registration area Sponsors/Media/Professional Athlete’s Only!




Concessions Provided at Events      Entertainment Provided           *No Outside Food Please



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