Future Pro Committee Board


AC Caswell - Founder, CEO
Raymond Nunez - Co-Founder

Damon Mays - President
Carrie Ring -  President of Business Operations
Suad Evans - President of Operations
Cheryl Taylor-Dydo - National Administrative Assistant

Christine Hartley- National Sales and Marketing Representative
Jeff Johnson of- President of Football Operations

Spencer Straughter - National Executive Director of Football Operations

Jeff Davis - Regional Director Colorado Division
Heather Holiday - Coordinator Colorado Division
Jerome Evans - President of OL/DL Football Operations
Lonnel Baisey - President of Youth Football Operations
Stan Berry - Regional Director of Tucson

Deshon Thomas - Regional Director of New York

Rusty Noel - Regional Director of Louisiana

Will Smith - East Coast Rigional Representative

Jazz Rector - Regional Director of North Texas
Louis Blake - Regional Director of Sierra Vista

Jacob Jades - National Director  Social Media